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Since its opening in 1994 JSC „Dolena“ fastly grew and turned into an international company. Its products are valued and recognized in Lithuania as well as abroad. Our main activity is production of timber houses. Today more than 300 various timber framet and log buildings have been assembled in different European countries.

We strive not only to cherish the traditions of timber house building, but also to adopt the know-how and experiences of foreign building companies. We export timber houses that adhere to the quality standards and the building heritage of the particular country. We have accumulated vast knowledge of this longevous craft and adapted it to the needs of our clients: our timber houses are distinguished for the variety of their designs and purposes.


The distribution of our wooden houses across Europe


I want to say that we were very satisfied with the quality of the materials, the performance of the workers and the client service. Every log nestled just perfectly in its place. Everything is made according to Norwegian standards and traditions. There was no need to adjust anything.

Øystein Solberg, Norway

I'm so glad that I choose Dolena for our summer house. Your three carpenters on site are the best!   I am really pleased by their work. They have done Great Great job. Likewise, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. It has redefined my definition of "internet shopping".

Fredrik Walter

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