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‘20 kovo 23 d.

Update of Coronavirus situation

The fear psychosis is at play. Coronavirus has freezed any rational thinking, the markets has faced steep corrections. In our view all this fuzz is more emotional in nature rather than any logical explanation using fundamental economic laws. It is a fact that sooner or later people will “wake up” with the same old standards and wishes of life quality. This also concerns the building market. With this letter we want to send a message to our existing and new customers.

To our existing customers and partners:

With the above noted vision and strong beliefs we continue our operations without any delays and hesitations. All our staff of 100 employees are fully “immersed” in daily routines and operational tasks in order to fulfil our obligations towards our customers and partners. We have no shortages of materials and no delays in production so far. We continuously follow news from different countries where our projects are located. As each country has different decisions concerning import or travelling restrictions, our sales managers follow these news and find various solutions for the best operational mode according to the partner’s country.

To our new partners or new projects:

We want to encourage our new or future customers not to hesitate to make decisions for their projects to go on. This encouragement is based on the history lessons. Usually each such short term crisis negatively influences all the supply chain, hence , instant shortage of supply afterwards increase their prices. We will not be able to guarantee the same price and other conditions what are negotiated with you all so far. Furthermore, for the countries that are influenced by unfavourable currency exchange rates at the moment, we are ready to share this impact with the customers for future contracts case by case.

Let’s stay healthy and optimistic!

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