Do you care about the environment you live in? Do you treasure your and your family‘s health and want to live in harmony with nature?

In this case, houses made by „Dolena“ is the logical solution for you. When building our houses we not only use eco-friendly materials but also take into consideration other important factors that create a safe living environment for you and treasure the natural resources.

  • Wood is a renewable resource - that's why a timber house is the most eco-friendly choice. More woods are planted than deforested when strategically forming the forestry policy
  • The CO2 footprint of a timber house is very small. To manufacture wood there is no need to use additional fuel and no CO2 is produced, so the contribution to the greenhouse effect is reduced
  • Timber houses do not emit any toxic materials into the environment. A tree is a part of nature, so it doesn‘t emit any harmful substances neither externally nor internally when interacting with the environment. That‘s very important both to the ailing and to the ones who hope to stay healthy
  • The timber house projects we offer save energy. Every building – from passive timber frame houses to log houses – in one way or another helps to diminish fuel consumption and expenditure on it
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