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A frequent opinion is that log houses resemble farmsteads and can only be used as a summer house, cottage or a hunting lodge at best. Only adventurers can permanently live in a log house. At JSC „Dolena“ we have been building log houses and fighting this attitude for many years now, because the interior of the log house depends only on the imagination of the owner and the ability to take advantage of its potential.

Few tips on creating your log house decor:

  • A log house opens up many unique design possibilities, but it will hardly be suitable for modern or minimalistic interiors. If you wish this type of interior, we advise to choose element homes or Line Living.
  • Manually processed logs define the interior possibilities a bit stricter when compared to machine processed logs. Machine processed logs are more even, of same measurements, cut ideally to size and that‘s why they don‘t give as much natural feeling as the handmade timber does.
  • Natural wood darkens over the years. Natural pine gets a brown-yellow shade and spruce a whitish yellow shade. The colour can also be affected by impregnation materials, finishing methods and other factors.
  • Timber walls don‘t have to be necessarily matched to other natural materials such as wood, natural fabrics or metal. Parts of the wall can be covered by panels, painted or decorated in any other way to create a cosy living environment.
  • In a timber house like in any other building, it is very important to plan how the light is going to fall. Because the logs tend to get darker over time, carefully think about the lights, ceilings, floors, windows, fireplaces and other interior elements you‘re going to use, how they radiate and reflect light.
  • You don‘t have to limit yourself to „village type“ furniture in your log house. Experiment bravely especially when the furniture assortment is as big nowadays.
  • The logs of a timber house create an original atmosphere, but their colour stays neutral. When matching their colour with other neutral colours you will create a cosy and calm environment that is great for relaxing. You can lighten up the house with unique bright accents – the logs will only highlight their individuality.
  • High ceilings in a log house, like in any other building, create an illusion of space. A heightened ceiling is one of the ways to escape the „farmstead feel” of the decor.
  • All modern amenities, modern baths and kitchens as well as sophisticated technologies tune into the design of the log house perfectly. If you wish to hide these devices, integrate them into the furniture or move away from most visited places.

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