Log bathhouses

Do you dream of owning a bathhouse? Probably no one needs to be explained why a visit to a bathhouse is a great and a healthy way to spend your leisure time. Planning and equipping it is a far more complicated question.

Examples of other timber buildings:

Log bathhouse Anglas

Log bathhouse Anglas


Log bathhouse Belgas

Log bathhouse Belgas


Log or other bathhouse?

All bathhouses give great pleasure. But a log bathhouse has advantages that no other bathhouse can brag about.

  • Healthy environment: when heated, conifer trees don’t emit any harmful materials
  • Natural control of humidity and temperature: usually additional humidity insulation isn’t needed in a log bathhouse and when slowly heated the conifer logs return the heat back to the bathhouse
  • Natural finish: log bathhouses don’t need any additional finishing as the natural logs create a cosy and safe environment inside and blends perfectly into the natural surroundings from the outside

Simpler isn’t worse

Today the variety of bathhouse equipment is abundant, but we advise to choose the conservative and the traditional ways to equip your bathhouse:

  • Furnace: opposite to a small metal heater, it heats up slowly and keeps a stable temperature in the bathhouse as well as dries out the timbers over the winter time
  • Ventilation: a log bathhouse built from quality timber ventilates itself because the walls “breathe” and the timbers slowly absorb the heat then slowly giving it back to the bathhouse
  • Project: think through how you will be using your bathhouse and what rooms are going to be needed. Steamer, washroom and resting are the main three parts of a bathhouse. The bathhouse doesn’t have to be luxurious, it has to be practical and comfortable to use

A bathhouse shouldn’t be expensive

A log bathhouse doesn’t have to wipe your savings away. If you built the bathhouse from thinner logs (120-140 mm) you will save a lot of money and it will have all the same qualities as a massive log bathhouse.

  • Heat loss is almost intangible in a thinner log bathhouse as you will be there only for a few hours;
  • Not the thickness but the building technologies are important: the heat loss can be significantly decreased by 30% when correctly joining the logs.
  • Thinner logs still keep all the good qualities (from 9 cm).

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