Machine processed log houses

Why choose a machine processed log house?

Mašininio apdirbimo rąstinio namo kampasPrecisely calibrated details

When preparing logs manually we try to conserve the uniqueness of each log. The purpose of machine processing is to cut the logs as smooth and even as possible. This way a totally different effect is achieved as the log house looks especially ordered, more „civilized“ and better suits the modern interiors.

Wide range of insulation solutions

The thickness of machine processed logs is up to 140 mm so it is recommended to additionally insulate them when building a residential log house. Depending on the purpose of the log house you can choose the insulation solution that best suits your needs. See all examples of logs profiles.

Unlimited space for imagination

A machine processed log house opens up more possibilities to customize the exterior and interior, since the logs can be covered on the inside or outside. Inother words, you can have your dream home with all the advantages that a log house provides.

Mašininio apdirbimo mediniai namai

Machine processed logs are best suited for:

  • Garden Line:: Without additional insulation
    Machine processed logs without additional insulation is the best choice for a log garden house, summerhouse, hunting lodge, arbour and other non-residential building. Machine processed log houses are cheaper than manually processed.
  • Residence Line, Living Line: With additional insulation inside or outside
    Machine processed logs can be insulated from inside or outside. First, a wooden framework is attached to the log wall, then a wall panel with finishing (inner or outer) is attached to the framework and the gap between the panel and the log is filled with isolation material. A log house insulated in this way corresponds to all the requirements for thermal resistance of residential buildings so it can be used as a permanent residence or a building of any other type. These houses give you the possibility to constantly renew your home by changing the interior or exterior finishing details and materials.
  • Double Line: Double log wall with insulation in between
    This is an ideal choice if you‘re looking for a warm log house and wish to preserve its unique characteristics. This is the warmest and most eco-friendly log house, so it‘s best suited for residential buildings.

Why are our machine processed log houses exceptional?

We use only the highest quality mature wood (cut according to SEF standards) when building these log houses. Pine logs are machinely cut from two sides to obtain suitable building material 40 to 140 mm thick. Then the logs are dried outside and when they reach optimal humidity they are used in construction. Because of smaller dimensions the amount of log fractures diminishes. We use modern technologies and equipment when manufacturing machine processed log houses so each element is cut out very precisely.

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