Manually processed log houses

Why choose a manually processed log house?

The highest quality timber:

The highest quality timber is chosen for the logs of our handmade houses. This decreases the possibility of warps and fractures in the wood. Each log is carefully chosen, processed, dried and formed during the building process for the needs of each individual house.

A unique handmade creation:

Prefabrication of log house

Rankomis apdoroto rąstinio namo kampasThe timber of manually processed houses preserves its natural beauty and the uniqueness of each log. Logs of even thickness are used when manufacturing and assembling the house, but the height of each log stays natural. It is precisely fitted to the elements above and beneath it, so the log is tailored for that spot only.

All the advantages of log houses revealed:

Manually processed log houses are built from 150-200 mm logs that together form a wooden masterpiece. Thanks to our high-quality materials and workmanship, there are several advantages to living in a log house: the walls breathe and naturally ventilate the premises, consistent relative air humidity is kept and static charge doesn’t form. Wood is a natural building material and doesn’t emit any chemical substances into the living environment.

Rankomis apdoroti mediniai namai

Why are our manually processed log houses exceptional?

We build log houses using time-tested Scandinavian technologies. The building of your house starts with the selection of the highest quality timber – we use mature wood (the trees are 70-100 years old and cut according to FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification) and carefully choose each log. The logs are manually cut from two sides so the walls are of even width – from 150 to 200 mm – then the bark is taken off. The logs cut this way preserve their uniqueness because only the sides are evened and the height of the log is kept as nature created it.

The logs are then dried up to an average of 18% humidity in a timber dryer. The drying process is strictly controlled. The logs are planed down, smoothed and made ready for construction at the factory. The house is constructed at the plant as well. Each log is individually adjusted to the neighboring ones so all elements of the house fit their place ideally. When manufacturing log houses we can cut out all technological holes needed in the logs for electrical, piping and other system installation according to the agreed project. Finishing details such as windows, doors and terraces can also be manufactured at our factory.

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