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‘19 may 07 d.

Dolena is powered by the sun

DOLENA is one of the largest producers of ecological wooden houses in Lithuania. A significant amount of electricity is consumed in the process of production of wooden structures. Electricity is purchased from external suppliers, the majority of which is produced from non-renewable resources.

In order to make the company’s activities more environmentally friendly, Dolena will be in 2018. has initiated a project aimed at increasing the production and use of renewable energy in the company. In 2019, the company implemented a solar power plant project with the support of the EU Structural Funds. During this project, 90KW solar power plant was installed on the buildings used by UAB Dolena, and the electricity produced from renewable energy sources (RES) meets ¼ of the company’s energy needs. In this way, the company not only reduces the environmental impact of energy production but also ensures technological progress. This project contributed to the fulfillment of Lithuania’s international commitments to increase energy production from RES.

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