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A house on top Nicolin hill is a third project ordered by Gulia Achmencina and created by architect Sergej Barabadze.

The owner bought a fully furbished house on top of Nicolin hill that was ready for living. From this moment our story starts: the owner didn’t move in, he contacted the architects and instructed them to clear and destroy everything that was in the house and create a new interior. The only exception was the tile furnace in the middle of the house: it was kept, and according to Sergej Barabadze, the interior was created considering the furnace, they’ve tried to make it “befriend” the surroundings, chose the colour schemes by it and thought through the interior themes to make the furnace “sing”.

The huge space of the house seemed inconceivable. The architects didn’t change the layout much and refrained from structural changes of the log house. They limited themselves to cutting out of attic windows to allow more daylight in.

Despite the fact that the layout of the house stayed the same, the architects had to find means to “express” the house, give meaning to huge spaces as well as add definition and comfort. The authors agreed from the beginning to create structure by playing with light. The central part (the main living room) was created dark. “The wings” – the kitchen and all other first and second floor rooms – were kept bright. The transition from light to dark creates the effect of light concentring at the centre of the house. Conversely, looking from the living room the lighted “wings” of the house seem like visual perspectives.

There has to be a lot of bright decor when wood is the background. Wood is a sensitive material, thus the interior has to be especially bright: bright colours, many details and large accents. Otherwise the strongly decorative structure of wood will dwarf and “swallow” the surrounding details. That is why bold colours were chosen: turquoise, blue, dark and salad green… In the general calm, “earthy” background the areas of bright colour create a special mood just like it was intended by the decorators. „The customer asked for a cosy family home. But what does cosy mean? Everyone wants cosiness. Nobody says “I want something un-cosy”… Knowing this person well we knew that he wishes for a joyful and playful home. He wanted it to be full of light, bright, not dull and pleasant to the eye. This type of house revitalizes and lifts your mood up after a hard day’s work as well as over the weekend” – says Sergej Barabadze.

The architects attribute the interior of this house to modern classics. But in the eyes of Americans – it’s a style was considered classical during XIX – XX age. „That’s huge spaces, high ceilings, great chandeliers and massive sofas with textured coatings. That’s a completed kitchen-dining room-living room line. Instead of the U shape kitchen that was here before, we have created and island kitchen from which you can see all the joint zones: a person working in the kitchen can be a part of everything happening around him” – explains Gulia Achmecina. The house turned out to be exactly like the authors and the architects envisioned it. Mutual opinions when creating the assignment lead to a logical and delightful finale.

Author of the project Gulia Achmečina:
„Because I knew the client well we practically didn’t have to co-ordinate the concept, style or decor. When accepted the work, he laconically said that this is exactly what he wanted and he feels that it’s going to be pleasant to live here. This sort of appreciation is the highest grade for interior creators.”

Source: www.salon.ru