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It seemed that the owners of this house were satisfied with everything – the location and the view, except the interior. And that’s where it all began.

At some point the owners of the house realised that they wish their house to become different – something more suited for the surrounding location, the ideal concept of a house and their lifestyle… Shortly said, logical interior solutions had to be implemented and exceptional style elements had to be used. Then they decided to invite architect Vsevolod Sosekin in. “First of all we resolved alteration issues and did what was possible according to the conditions given, – he remembers. – We enlarged the rooms. For example, we increased the dining room (that was designed as a small room before). Secondly, we changed some of the windows into facade constructions to maximally open the view. Third, we embodied the principal interior decor concept.

It is best to judge a concept on its results. This interior became elegant and rich as well as not dull and with surprising artistic decisions. For example, the fireplace is adorned with supernatural Italian carvings of Renaissance styling. Or the floors that are tiled with huge shiny marble panels. Conceptually, both elements shouldn’t match log walls, but it does! This is the first discovery that you make during the first minutes in this house. The second discovery is that Italian wool can be matched to the style of an Alpine lodge. The third and a most important discovery is that hunting theme doesn’t look beaten among these styles.

Hunting theme is just an interior decoration motive that somebody though of – it’s an actual and live theme in this house. Hunting is a serious hobby of the head of this family. Moose heads that boast beautiful horn “crowns” are hunting trophies. They are noticeable accents of the living room decor. Hunting theme is accentuated by a bear fur on the living room floor and chimeras carved on the fireplace.

It would seem that the decor is overcrowded if not for the huge ceiling-to-floor windows wish panoramic views of Moscow suburbs. Especially beautiful views open up from the swimming pool room which is all made of glass: it merges with nature. The author of the project remembers that he offered to decorate this room with more theatrical details – build a stylized boat and surround the “shores” by plants, but later on together with the client they decided to go with a more natural solution. The resting room adjacent to the pool is decorated Eastern style. It seems to be a finishing touch to complete the first floor’s decorative history – bright and full of decorations. The rooms on the second floor (three bedrooms with bathrooms) are decorated in a “soft style” which is close to Provance styling. And this is yet another pleasant and artistically matched contrast of this interior.

The author of the project Vsevolod Sosenkins:
„When creating the interior we didn’t try to create a whole style. On contrary, we wanted different rooms to be different. In my opinion, this was the best solution for this house and this family. Huge amount of hand work was done here as everything was created according to unique layouts. I would also like to exclude the great trust between the owner and the architect – without it this interior wouldn’t have been created.”