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This country house in the suburbs of Oslo is a typical example of Scandinavian interior which accents natural structure and colour of wood.

The house belongs to a fashion designer and her family. The interior was created by the owner herself. “When creating clothing the main attention is on the fabric structure and colour schemes – she says. – It appeared that it’s the same when creating interiors. Here I have a completed house with architectural decisions made. But the atmosphere of the house is still non-existent. Basically it’s a well constructed empty building that needed spirit.” And the designer decided to achieve this by using textures.

„I was lucky because our house was build according to one of the typical HONKA company projects. It’s their newest model – Honka Rock, – explains the designer. – We chose this model firstly because of its “textural” qualities.” The house is built from laminated logs (solid timber) which have a smooth suede-like surface. „In fact, I didn’t try to hide this beauty, on the contrary, I accentuated the log texture as an accent” – she comments. To reach this goal colour solutions had to be well thought of.

We matched the soft light brown colour of the log walls to hard-coal black floors – this allowed to create a dramatic effect. To brighten up this contrast we chose soft light colours for the textiles. And conversely – bright colours for the furniture. „That’s where my clothing designer experience came into use, – explains the owner. – I thought that if the interior is going to be dominated by grey beige colours it will get boring quickly even though this colour was fashionable at the time. That’s how the furniture was created – with bright coating and spectacular ornaments.“ Such colourful furniture stands in all general-use rooms. The bedroom interior, however, gave into the monochromatic fashion tendencies. “You can’t escape professional influences and outrun fashion”, – laughs the owner.