Log walls

‘11 february 28 d.

Addition of rigid constructions to log walls

A log house is a house that lives together with you. Even when the logs are finally settled seasonal measurement variations occur: the house framework shrinks a bit in winter and expands in the summer. Because of this reason it’s important to foresee how the rigid constructions will be attached to the log wall. You can use modern fixation technologies or good old solutions of our predecessors which are cheaper. Here are some examples of these.

‘11 february 28 d.

Log bathhouses

Logs were and still are one of the most popular building materials for houses and especially for bathhouses. A log bathhouse perfectly matches the natural landscapes and it creates a cosy and safe atmosphere. A bathhouse built from live logs stays alive, breathing and energetically useful. A log wall doesn’t require additional insulation and usually noise isolation. It means that you can simplify interior and exterior finishing. Timber has the quality to absorb heat, keep it for a long time and then slowly return it without overheating the premises. That’s why a massive slowly heated furnace is more suitable for a log bathhouse that an electrical fastly heated charcoal-burner. Even though we can use many modern technologies and materials such as glass and stone when building log houses and modern engineering solutions, we adhere to all the house building requirements when building bathhouses as well. If you’re not building an exceptional bathhouse, be conservative and you can have a great bathhouse for less money. Choose skilled workers to build it as fixing of even a small mistake will cost a lot.