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rąstinės pirtysLog bathhouses

Yearning for some good steam?

Our log bathhouse (sauna) is a great choice for the lovers of hot steam. They are planned according to your requirements and manufactured keeping the historic bathhouse building traditions. Our bathhouses will ensure many occasions to spend some quality time at a natural retreat.
Learn more: Log bathhouses.

Šunų būdosKennels

Does your pet needs a home?

Take care of the watcher of your house – it definitely deserves a kennel that will keep your dog warm in the winter and protect from the heat in summer. A log kennel is an ideal solution for a Lithuanian climate. Learn more: Log Kennels


Wooden Fences and Fence Panels

Wooden fence panels allows you to build your fence quickly and effectively. When the wood is treated right, wooden fences last just as long as wire ones. In manufacturing process we use only plane dry deal treated with toning Rhencol antiseptics. Learn more: Wooden Fences and Fence Panels


Log cabins

Log cabins by "Dolena" are an excellent choice for those who are looking for a cozy, environment-friendly and long-lasting refuge in nature. Learn more: log cabins
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