Timber frame houses

All timber frame constructions are prefabricated up to the smallest details in our factory. Prior to the production, our engineers make detail drawings of each part of the house.

The walls are prefabricated in our factory with inserted windows, doors insulation and even electric wiring. After the production of elements is finished, all elements are numbered , packed and loaded to the trucks for transporting to the building site. In this way, the process of assembling on the foundation of the client is very fast and efficient.

This technique is very cost effective with a shortest consumption of time. Assembling process can be carried out by the person who has general experience of civil construction.

Why choose an element house?

The fasted solution for those looking for a residence

The manufacturing time of an element house takes only about two months and the whole building process - no longer than one season.

A durable solution

A well built element house can serve for more than one hundred years. Because we use only the highest quality materials and innovative technologies you can be sure that your element house will serve you a life time.

Economic accommodation from ecological materials

We use only natural materials that don‘t harm the environment or the residents of the house when building element homes. If you‘re searching for an ecological as well as an economical solution we offer you a passive house: the loss of energy in this type of house is minimal. This means a harmonious relationship with nature and especially low fuel expenses.

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Why choose an element house?

  • First of all, it’s short construction time and savings on total financial and time costs.
  • An element house is one of the most flexible structural solutions when planning the layouts of the premises and creating the interior and exterior decor. Even though element houses are built from the materials that cherish your health and the environment, but unfortunately they can‘t boast the qualities of a log house.

Element houses are suited for:

  • Residential houses
  • Summer houses
  • Garden homes
  • Ells
  • Various farm buildings
  • Arbours
  • Camping houses
  • Countryside tourism homesteads
  • Administrative buildings

House types

What is a passive house?

Passive houses are frequently called the home of the future. Using the newest technologies the walls of the building are sealed in such way that heat circulation towards the outside – and, of course, the energy loss – is reduced to a minimum. If a passive house is build correctly, it's very cheap to heat it. Significantly smaller amounts of fuel are used, so the CO2 footprint (the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere) of the house is reduced and the natural resources needed for heating are used more rationally. Even though passive houses are still a novelty in Lithuania, their popularity in Western Europe is growing. We manufactured many passive houses for the international market, so we can provide you with in-depth consultations about the peculiarities of building passive homes. We can also offer three-chamber windows manufactured at the factory with tight leak proof frames that are essential for passive homes.

Manufacturing technology of element houses

Element houses (Frame houses) are manufactured from prepared wall panels with inner and outer finishing. Detailed drawings are done for each wall segment before starting the manufacturing process. For exterior wall segments outer finishing, wind isolation, insulation is used, as well as holes for ventilation, windows and doors (with rims) are cut during the manufacturing process. Interior wall segments can be manufactured with inner finishing on client‘s request. The manufactured set is then transported to the building site and is assembled on the foundation averagely in three days. Easy assembly and quick mounting of windows and doors considerably speeds up the building of the house which allows to fully avoid rainfall effect on the quality of the constructions.

Completed projects

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