Wooden windows

Our wooden windows represent the freedom of choice that we strive to provide our clients when building their home. Depending on your needs they can open to the inside (tilt and turn windows) or to the outside (Wooden Casement Windows), of standard measurements or tailored exceptionally to your desires. You can be sure that the windows you‘ve ordered are manufactured of the highest quality timber and that every detail is created just for you.

Wooden windows by type

Cosy and safe windows are your goal?

  • We offer to choose tilt and turn profile windows. A construction that opens to the inside and massive wooden frames are the main features of these windows. Learn more: tilt and turn profile wooden windows.

Need a unique solution?

  • Choose Wooden Casement Windows  that open towards the outside. The main feature of these windows is the variety of opening types. The window frame is thinner and more elegant. Learn more: Wooden Casement Windows.

We manufacture wooden windows of various forms

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