Wooden windows and wooden doors

We don’t only build wooden houses, but manufacture all wooden details that are needed for the completion of the home as well. Depending on your needs you can choose standard or individually tailored windows and doors for your house. Unusual measurements, exceptional design requirements and unique solutions are our “daily bread”. All our wood products meet the highest quality standards.

mediniai langaiWooden windows

Our wooden windows represent the freedom of choice that we strive to provide our clients when building their home. Depending on your needs they can open to the inside (tilt and turn windows) or to the outside (Wooden Casement Windows), of standard measurements or tailored exceptionally to your desires. You can be sure that the windows you‘ve ordered are manufactured of the highest quality timber and that every detail is created just for you.

Wooden doorsWooden doors

Looking for reliable wooden doors?

Our wooden doors are adapted for your house only. They are warm, reliable, safe and of high quality – doesn’t matter which one you choose. They can be inner or outer and of any design. We can even recreate doors from old examples. Various measurements, forms and looks are available. Learn more: Wooden doors.

Glass-casings and screen terrace doors Fixed windows and sliding patio doors

It‘s not surprising that people require bigger windows when building a house. The biggest part of the year in Northern and Central European countries is a gloomy time with little sun and much rain. So every beam of light is a true joy.

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